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Lunar Phase Hair Ritual $180

Set intentions in accordance with the moon during your healing haircut ritual at Golden Folk Wellness in Silverlake. Cutting your hair during a New Moon is a great way to set intentions for the growth of new ideas, projects, and your hair! This is a good time for maintaining and updating your current shape. Cutting your hair during a Full Moon is great for supporting your intentions of releasing, letting go, removing blockages/stuck energy and changing your look or doing something more dramatic with your hair. These cuts are done dry with little to no styling and incorporate scalp massage, energetic balancing, intuitive messages, oracle cards, crystals, flowers, etc. Each session is different and tailored for you and your needs. Plan to come with your hair clean and worn down; these cuts are done in this manner to preserve the intentions set during your session.

Hair Ritual

(Pop Up Events) $180

In addition to my residency at Golden Folk, I also offer Hair Rituals at other venues around Los Angeles. Please check my events page or instagram for updated offerings.

Housecall Haircuts

Short/Barbered (<2 inches all over) 100

Short/Pixie (<4 inches all over) 125

Mid/Long Length Cuts 150

*additional travel rates may apply

Within Los Angeles, I am available for both private (my studio) and housecall haircuts. Please note that these are starting rates for all services and may increase at my own discretion (usually based on length of time during your appointment, standard timing being 60min). Can include styling if desired at no additional cost. Contact me directly for booking and any questions regarding preparation and scheduling.

Additional Notes

  • I am available for individual private/housecall Hair Ritual sessions. Rate $180+

  • Group rates are available - book Hair Rituals for your own private parties, work events and gatherings.

  • Group rates are also available for housecall haircuts when scheduling (3 or more) friends/family members together during one visit.